Bra or no bra?

What does the typical lesbian wear? I know, this sounds like a stupid question, right?  Like there's a typical lesbian. But according to most lesfic books I've read this year, there is one, and she doesn't wear bras, ever. I think either one or both characters from the novels I've read this year wore, at some point in the book, no bra, sometimes no panties either. And I'm like WTF?  First few times it made me smile but now I'm more like, "Come on?" everytime that sentence comes up "and she wore no bra". To me it seems kind of ridiculous but, maybe I'm wrong. What do you guys wear? 

I know that, for my part, it's impossible not to wear a bra, it'd kill my back. Let's not even think about not wearing panties, (except when I'm in my night outfit of course). So what do you guys think about this issue?

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