One Breath at a Time donation to Association Gregory Lemarchal

Note about the donation to Association Gregory Lemarchal from the sales of One Breath at a Time.

For clarity I am stating here the changes that I’ve had to make compared to what is stated in the author’s note, in the novel.


Sales made from Kindle Unlimited do not have a fixed income as do sales from the regular Kindle program. The income we make on sales via Kindle Unlimited vary according to the budget that Amazon gives KDP each month (i.e. 10 millions, 11 millions) which are shared amongst the books available through KDP’s Kindle Unlimited program. For June and July, each One Breath at a Time sold by KU earned about 1,20 dollars royalties against about 4 dollars in average (royalties at 30% and royalties at 70% mixed) for regular Kindle sales.

I never paid much attention before to how KDP really worked because A) I only had two books enrolled and I barely sold 5 books a month then. And B): because I didn’t give out anything from my sales. It went to my account so I didn’t look further into it.

Now that One Breath at a Time is published and with it, my desire to give a little bit out of it to AGL, I’ve had to look deeper into it.

To make matters worst, starting July 1st 2015, they will pay authors by the pages read. Yeah…easy, uh? Lol, so now instead of selling for example 20 books by KU, I have my reports in pages 6000, 8000 etc… I don’t know yet if this is going to be a good or a bad thing in the long run for us, authors, since reports for July will be available on August 15th.


Anyway, in regards to those facts, I have decided, for Q2 (April/May/June) to give out to AGL 2$ from the paperbacks sale, 1$ from the Kindle sales, as stated in the author’s note, but only 50 cents from the KU sales until further notice. For Q3 I may give out one third of the KU earnings then, or try to count the pages read to figure out how many books were sold and then do the 50 cents each. I’ll see what is the most beneficial for AGL, or, the easiest for me, perhaps. It is getting complicated, isn’t it? Lol

Just wanted to state things clearly so people know where their money is going and how. If you really want to help AGL then, buy the Kindle version or even better, the paperback version. ;)

Have a great day,


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