Yesterday's protest - Your help


As some of you know I am heavily involved in Animal Protection Associations here in France. Yesterday, on Sunday 27th, there was a big protest against bullfighting in Rodilhan, a small town in the south of France.  It was a very important date because two years ago, in that same village, over 90 peaceful protesters invaded the arena, hoping to stop the massacre of young bulls (the Rodilhan festival puts up young bulls against young matadors). Those protesters sat in the middle of the arena, tying themselves with bicycle chains and stuff like that. What happens next will never be forgotten or forgiven, huge trial is about to start early January because those peaceful protesters, never hitting back took blow after blow, they were pulled away from the arenas in such violence never seen before. Kicked, hit, spat on, insulted, women were violated in different ways, bras being torn apart, dragged on the floor almost naked. All this under the amused gaze of the town’s mayor (who can even be seen helping the “aficionados,”) and also the regional prefect who was reprimanded and cast away by then president Nicolas Sarkozy, only to be reinstated one year later by no other than Mr Manuel Valls, our current minister of interior, chief of police. Since the presidential election last year and Mr Hollande naming him minister of interior, the protesters against bullfight have been constantly teargazed, tased, and brutalized because Manuel Valls is a self-proclaimed aficionado. He’s abusing his powers to prevent us from doing basically anything. We can’t even just sit down and protest without being ejected and gazed, yesterday proved that again.

(link to the 2011 Rodilhan lynching)

Yesterday was historical as well because for the first time we were not alone. American friends were here, mostly, Friends of Animal. Here is the link to the article they have made as they’ve returned home.

I was there yesterday, I have bruises, I was teargazed, my skin is still burning today because of all the gas I received in the face and neck and hair, everywhere. Down below is a picture of me lying in the field with other “bodies” lying down in the background. You can see on Facebook on the CRAC Europe page more pictures of yesterday’s battle, it sometimes seemed like a war only our weapons were slogans and signs against flashball guns, teargas, tasers and billys while the real criminals were torturing young bulls freely in this f*****g arena.

If I have put the link for the FoA review of yesterday’s event it’s because, more than being easier for you my international friends, its also lets you know you can do something, or actually nothing as they’re talking about a boycott of France or at least the areas in which Bullfight is authorized, because yes, in 90% of the country it’s not allowed, you can go to prison for two years and have to pay a 30,000€ fine as its considered “cruelty against animals”.  Yet a ‘glitch’ in the constitution has been “created” to allow the perverted aficionados to fulfill their sadistic “passion” under the pretext of cultural tradition.

So I, as a French citizen, completely encourage the boycott of tourism in these areas. I even fairly encourage the boycott of French products and letting the French government know why. As you all know, it’s always about money. If they feel threatened economically speaking, then, politics might have to do something whether or not they like it.

Help if you can, even just by spreading the word about this barbaric “culture” that is corrida (bullfight). Bullfight is a shame. Torture is not culture. Spread the word my friends. 

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