Big protest against bullfight

Back to the begining. In October, 2011 over 30 protesters against bullfighting went down in the arena trying to prevent the massacre of young bulls in what was called "Graines de Toreros" (young toreros against baby bulls). The results: the protesters were beaten, some women violated, spat on, brutalised and thrown out of the arena. Most of the bullys were identified over the next months and the huge trial is starting in january 2014, hopefully, justice will do its work. In 2012, they canceled the edition of "Graine de Torero" due to the past incidents and to keep a low profile. The protest against bullfighting has never been so important in France as it was this year (2013) with over 3000 people in Alès in May. Big actions this summer in Rion des Landes, Arles and Carcassone (south west) which resulted in confrontations with the police and again more peaceful protesters being beaten (some went to hopsitals, one in a coma for a couple of days). The final provokation from the afficionados was to do Graine de Torero again this year, on October, 27th 2013 (or a new version of it, new name but same thing). So once again, we will be there, and since they portray us as violent (although we never hit or hurt anyone but keep getting hurt,) then this time they're going to see violence, for real.

So guys, if you don't hear from me after that date, either I'm in jail or dead. Sourire

Peace and A.L.F.