Release of that Week in Acapulco !

Charlene “Charlie” Campbell never used to believe in true love. The only time she did, it turned into a gigantic, life-altering mistake. So she decides to spend Christmas of 2014 in Acapulco, hoping to relive her younger days of carefree living and one-night-stands.

Alecia Moore, on the other hand, believes in true love because she found it once…and lost it. She flees another depressing Christmas in Seattle and the overwhelming attention of her close friends and family.

While the sun and sand can’t shake her blues away, a chance meeting with Charlie does, in unexpected ways.

Will it be enough for Alecia to open her heart again and for Charlie to bet once more on something she doesn’t believe in?


BONUS STORY : Happy New Life aka Emma's Story

Find out what's next for Emma...