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  • Ronda
  • On 12/01/2016

I just found you..but now that I have I will have discover more... you're works look very interesting.

  • materne vera
  • On 11/01/2016

love the books i read from you, so i wont mind reading another ;)

  • Judy
  • On 11/01/2016

First time on your website, I like it. I have added even more books to my "to be read" list.

  • Devlyn
  • On 11/01/2016

I visited your web site again and like what you have done with it.

  • Patty Anderson
  • On 11/01/2016

Would love to read your book. BTW is the cat on your website a ragdoll. I have one and love him so. Great breed!

  • Sarah Kerry
  • On 11/01/2016

Congrats on the website. Love the bright colours. Good luck with it & Happy New Year...I hope you have a lot more dtories to share.

  • Morgayne
  • On 10/01/2016

Congrats on your success! Look forward to reading your books.

  • On 10/01/2016

Love the website, look forward to reading your books.

  • Lara Estes
  • On 02/09/2015

Very nice Gaëlle

  • Figgy Pierce
  • On 22/04/2015

Love it!

  • Devlyn
  • On 05/08/2013

You have done an amazing job with your website. The French writing threw me for a bit but I got the hang of it all.

  • Fran Heckrotte (link)
  • On 01/08/2013

Congrats on getting your site up and running. Keep up the good work and keep writing.

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